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Artist Bio

Rose Bellissimo, a Toronto born, award winning artist, has been studying the “art of the human form” throughout her entire life. One of her earliest memories is from middle school when Rose was asked to be one of the artists to paint the mural "It's a Small World" for the Canadian Red Cross. The mural represents world unity through the eyes and faces of children and was painted in egg tempura and vibrant water based pigments. In Toronto, Rose studied art under Dr. J Holland, Prof. R. Cohen and Prof. J.E. Rutherford and also studied at The Ontario College of Art - developing cartooning techniques while pursuing a BA in Business at Ryerson University. Rose continued on to study at Académie Edith Serei where she incorporated professional beauty and anatomy courses in her training. 

In 1996, Rose moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and currently Tampa here she designs, and exhibits artwork at local establishments for sale, collaborates with fellow artists on various projects, runs a successful online Art Shop, coordinates and facilitates workshops, participates  in life drawing sessions and continues her studies of  the anatomy and the human body. 

Rose aspires to cultivate and bare the inner souls of the human figure, providing visual answers to the questions we may be asking about her subject. With every expressive line, Rose creates a moment, a human experience, an emotional expression that transcends culture, religion and time itself. With this strong passion for painting and drawing, Rose unveils unpredictable beauty in all of her projects. 


Rose Bellissimo's paintings immediately resonate with her audience. Her work is exhibited throughout the United States and Canada and can be found in a number of private collections.

Morean Arts Center & Eckerd College Figure Drawing Art Exchange

Figure Book 9-(2015), 10-(2016),11-(2017),12-(2018), 13-(2019) & 14-(2020)  - collaborative exchange of figure studies and model based art by Tampa Bay Artists - Copies provided to the Morean Arts Center and Eckerd College Library 

Figure Book 2020(first) Digital Edition

Women's Caucus For Art - Florida - the national non-profit organization committed to recognizing the contributions of women and create community through art, education and local national and global social activism.


"Body, Beauty, Art" - Rose Bellissimo, Figurative Artist


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